COVID- 19 Protocols

COVID- 19 Protocols

Updated Covid-19 Protocol

Paws is now allowing clients to come inside for certain services. If you need to pick up food or prescriptions you may come inside without calling ahead. We are also allowing in-person appointments again, but curbside service is still available for those who are not yet comfortable with coming inside. We will still prefer technician appointments and check ins to be over the phone. It is up to each member of our staff to decide if they want to wear a mask or not. If it makes you more comfortable, you may ask them politely to put one on. Please refer below for our services provided and the current protocol.

In-Person Appointments - This is a scheduled appointment with Dr. Mark. When you arrive we ask that you call us to let us know you are here and we will collect history, concerns, and questions over the phone. Once we have finished collecting all pertinent information over the phone, you will be allowed to come inside where we will put you and your pet in an exam room. Dr. Mark and a technician will perform the exam with you in the room. Once the appointment is finished, we will ask you to stay in the room until the technician informs you that the invoice is complete and the receptionists are ready to do your check out in the lobby. If medications are being dispensed, the technician will go over the instructions with you in the room.

Technician Appointments - This is a scheduled appointment with the technicians. This includes, but is not limited to, toenail trims, vaccine updates, and blood work.  All technician visits will continue to be curbside for now. We ask that you call when you arrive with your pet and one of our technicians will meet you outside so that they can bring your pet in for the services that are scheduled. Once completed, the technician will bring your pet to you and one of the receptionists will call you to take payment over the phone. 

Curbside appointments - This is a scheduled appointment with Dr. Mark. When you arrive, we ask that you call the office to check-in. The medical technician will take note of the medical history and list any concerns. We will come to your car to retrieve the patient for the examination. Dr. Mark and the assistant will perform the examination while you wait in the comfort of your vehicle. After the examination, Dr. Mark will personally call to discuss the physical exam and go over any questions or concerns you may have. We will go over any diagnostics or treatment recommendations before proceeding. It is ideal for you to wait during this time and to be available by phone to discuss the exam. If you decide to run an errand please inform us and still be prepared to answer a call from Dr. Mark. If you miss the call and receive a voicemail, be aware that Dr. Mark may be busy with another patient when you call back or arrive to pick up your pet.

Drop off appointments - This is a non-scheduled appointment with Dr. Mark. When you arrive, we ask that you call the office to check-in. The veterinary assistant will get the medical history and list of concerns. We will go over any possible treatments needed and estimated costs. You can let us know what you feel comfortable pursuing and when we need to call you for authorization. A staff member will come to your car to retrieve the patient. Your pet will be in a kennel during his/her stay. The Paws staff will take pets for short walks for potty breaks and offer water. Dr. Mark and the assistant will perform the examination between appointments, between surgeries, over the lunch hour, or whenever it is possible to fit it in. After the examination, the technician will call to discuss the physical exam and go over any questions or concerns. We will go over any diagnostics or treatment recommendations before proceeding unless previously authorized or if it is a life-threatening emergency. Be aware this may be a short stay at the office or it may take all day. We are fitting the patient in despite a full schedule, and this will vary depending on how scheduled appointments and surgeries go. We will not keep your pet overnight, the care will be provided the same day of drop off. 

Virtual visits - The virtual visit is typically in the form of an email including details with photos or videos for review. We ask that you include any relevant information pertaining to the problem or concern (ie. how long the patient has had the symptom, any reason this could have started, has the problem improved or worsened, etc). Once we receive all the details needed this information is forwarded to Dr. Mark for review. When Dr. Mark decides the best course of treatment, you will be notified by email or phone by the veterinary assistant. The cost for the service is $45 for the time spent by Dr. Mark reviewing the case and the veterinary assistant receiving and responding to emails, preparing medications, etc. This is available for currently established clients/patients only. If for some reason Dr. Mark needs to physically examine your pet the $45 fee will be credited towards the physical exam. Response time will vary depending on current cases in the office and severity of the condition. Please do not use this service in emergency/urgent situations.

Phone consultations - This is typically reserved for follow up conversations pertaining to lab results with extensive follow up or treatments needed, end of life or quality of life discussions, or behavioral consultations. This is typically arranged through the veterinary assistant as an appointment. We will schedule a block of time for the phone consultation and gather details and the best contact information. Please be prepared with specific questions or concerns to discuss. The information can also be emailed for review prior to the phone consultation. Our schedule is very limited and we request you be available during the time scheduled. If our schedule is full we may ask for several days and times when you are available to speak. Dr. Mark can then reach out when he has a break between patients. The cost can vary depending on the extent of the conversation. Please ask for an estimate. 

Prescriptions - When possible please call 24-48 hours ahead for prescription refills. The refill process is time-consuming and does require technician review, doctor review and authorization, and time for preparation. It is not a quick process and can interrupt patient care when you call in urgent need of a refill. You can come inside the clinic to pick up prescriptions.

Follow-up - We will be calling or emailing to get updates on patients. Please feel free to respond and ask questions. You can reach out with any concerns and we will get back to you as soon as Dr. Mark has a chance to review his messages. We will try to respond by the following day, but be aware there are times when we are overloaded with ill patients. If you have not heard from us by the following day feel free to call or email again to check on the status.

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