Pet Examinations at Paws of the Rockies Animal Hospital in Fort Collins, CO

At Paws of the Rockies Animal Hospital, we prioritize comprehensive and meticulous physical examinations as the cornerstone of quality veterinary care. Whether your furry companion is due for vaccinations, undergoing a surgical procedure, or facing medical concerns, our dedicated team ensures they receive a thorough assessment from our experienced veterinarians.

a dog with a stethoscope around its neck

Comprehensive Evaluations

During your pet’s examination, our veterinarians meticulously assess multiple organ systems, including the eyes, ears, oral cavity, skin, abdominal organs, heart, lungs, orthopedic, urogenital systems, and neurological systems. Additionally, we carefully evaluate your pet’s body weight and condition, offering nutritional recommendations to support optimal health.

Personalized Care Approach

We understand that every pet is unique, which is why our examinations provide an opportunity for you to address any questions or concerns about your pet’s well-being. Annual examinations are recommended for all patients, while senior pets and those with chronic illnesses benefit from semi-annual check-ups.

Convenient Drop-Off Appointments

For your convenience, we offer drop-off appointments facilitated by Dr. Mark. During these non-scheduled appointments, our veterinary assistants gather your pet’s medical history and list of concerns. After a thorough examination by Dr. Mark and our dedicated team, we’ll promptly communicate the findings and discuss any necessary treatments or diagnostic procedures. Rest assured, your pet receives attentive care throughout their stay, including short walks for potty breaks and access to water.

Schedule Your Pet’s Examination Today

Ensure your pet’s well-being with a comprehensive examination at Paws of the Rockies Animal Hospital in Fort Collins, CO. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and experience personalized care tailored to your pet’s unique needs.

For pet examinations in Fort Collins, CO, trust Paws of the Rockies Animal Hospital for thorough and compassionate care.