Pet Insurance Info

Pet Insurance Info

What is Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance was designed to prevent the need for euthanasia due to financial burden of medical treatments. There are many insurance companies that provide everything from wellness coverage (vaccinations, bloodwork, fecal checks, dentals, etc.) illness coverage (ear infections, vomiting, diarrhea, urinary tract infections, etc.) and accident coverage (toxicity, lacerations, foreign body obstruction, injuries from altercations, etc.). Some insurance companies will even have coverage for congenital or hereditary conditions. It is important when researching insurance companies to find one suited for your needs as premiums, deductibles, and coverage ranges widely.

How does Pet Insurance Work?

When your pet visits the veterinarian you will pay for the services provided. Then you will file a claim. You will receive reimbursement if the incident is covered under your plan. At Paws of the Rockies we can provide invoices and Doctor notes to help you file the claim. It is important to be aware that pet insurance will not cover pre-existing conditions. In most cases the younger your pet is the lower the premium will be and often more coverage will be available. Decide your budget, many insurance companies have varying deductibles and coverage options.

What to ask when getting Insurance Quotes

  • Do they cover accidents and illness?

  • Do they cover hereditary or congenital conditions?

  • Is wellness coverage included?

  • Are there breed exclusions?

  • Are deductibles per incident or annual?

  • Is reimbursement a flat percentage or is there a benefits schedule?

  • Is there an annual maximum for coverage?

  • Is there a life time maximum coverage?

  • How quickly are claims processed?

  • Do they have direct deposit for reimbursements?

  • Are pre-approvals available?

  • How long has the company been in business?

Who We Recommend

  • Pets Best

  • Nationwide

  • Trupanion

  • AKC

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