Why are you asking us to call for check-in and to stay in our car?

We need to limit the number of people inside the building to allow for proper social distancing. We also need to prevent any interactions between clients in the lobby area. We may also be fully sanitizing the exam room, front lobby, and high touch surfaces. We do this after every in-office standard appointment

I am worried my pet will be nervous or scared when I am not there. Can I come inside the office for the appointment?

Yes, we are allowing 1 adult client per scheduled appointment. You must answer screening questions and have a temperature screening before entry. Most patients actually do great and some even do better without the family present. If your pet isn’t doing well during a curbside visit, we will let you know and request your presence for the exam or find an alternative.

Will I talk to the doctor if we do a curbside appointment?

Yes, Dr. Mark will call to go over the examination and any questions or concerns you may have. You have a scheduled time and can discuss questions or concerns even if you are not present for the exam. We will not perform any treatments before discussing this with you. 

Why do you prefer curbside appointments over standard appointments?

Even if you have passed the screening questions, we know COVID-19 can be carried by non-symptomatic people. Increasing curbside services will help prevent spread of COVID-19. We have high standards and fully sanitize between clients which is time-consuming. We mop the floors, sanitize the exam table, wipe down all high touch surfaces (light switch, door handles, chair handles, pens, counters, and medical equipment). This will keep you and the Paws Staff at lower risk but doing curbside is safer and more efficient for these reasons.

I have a quick question or just need to schedule an appointment, can I just stop in if I am in the area?

No, please respect our staff and other clients. Please call or email any questions. Each time someone walks in the door we will need to sanitize the area you came in contact with. This takes time away from us providing care for patients as well as interrupting client communications and services. We may also have a client or patient waiting to leave or enter. If it is a non-urgent concern, please be patient as we may have a critical animal or several ill patients taking our attention.

Will I talk to Dr. Mark if I do a drop off appointment?

Not likely, these appointments are reserved for patients needing care or treatment when appointments are not available. Dr. Mark will see the patient between appointments, between surgeries, over the lunch hour, or whenever it is possible to fit in. This limits the number of calls he can personally make for patients seen. We want to provide the best care and each call will take away from seeing other patients. Don’t worry, a technician will go over Dr. Mark's concerns and recommendations with you. We will only proceed with what you have authorized at drop-off unless we feel it is a life-threatening emergency and you cannot be contacted. Be sure to leave the best contact person that will be available to answer questions or go over and authorize treatments.

Why are your appointments so booked out?

There has been a compound effect. We were limited to seeing only urgent or medically necessary exams and surgeries for a few weeks starting back in March. We gradually started opening up our routine services and now we are playing catch up. We also have to extend and block additional time between appointments to allow for full sanitization when necessary.



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